Barrett's Towing, Inc.
Dealerships, Repair Facilities, and Businesses 
Barrett's Towing is the leading towing provider in Athens, Georgia. We provide towing for individuals, police departments, and motor clubs throughout the Athens area. Barrett's also provides towing for many Athens dealerships and repair shops and private impounding for over three hundred businesses. If you are a dealership, repair shop, or business owner, see how our company can provide towing services for you.
Dealerships and Repair Facilities
Barrett's Towing is proud to provide towing for the majority of major dealerships in Athens. Barrett's also provides towing for many used car dealerships and repair shops in Athens. You can visit our page, Affiliations, to view a list of a few of the dealerships and repair shops we providing towing services for.
Barrett's can provide towing for your dealership or repair facility. Contact us to find out how we can make a custom plan for your business.

When vehicles are illegally parked on your property, you have less parking for your customers. Around downtown Athens, illegal parking is a major problem with the mix of the University of Georgia, Piedmont College, clubs and bars, sports events, concerts, and conferences. Barrett's Towing provides impounding for over three hundred businesses, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and shopping centers in the Athens area. Private impounding is provided at no charge to the lot owner. Call our office any time during business hours to receive information about how to receive a towing contract and signs for your business.

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