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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have my car towed?
Barrett's offers low rates for local and long distance towing. Call our office to receive a free quote.
I think Barrett's towed my car. How do I find out?
You can call our office to find out if your car is at Barrett's. To be sure we have correct information, be sure you know the vehicle make, model and color, date and an approximate time your vehicle was towed, and location your vehicle was towed from. For the most accurate information, be sure to call during our business hours. If you call after normal business hours, our after hours dispatch may only have limited information.

How do I retrieve my vehicle from impound?
Barrett's tries to make our customers experience as quick and painless as possible. All we require is the payment for impoundment fees and a photo ID. If your vehicle was towed for expired insurance and/or registration, proof of valid documentation dated after the date your vehicle was towed will also be required. If a police hold is placed on your vehicle by any police department, you will be not be able to retrieve your vehicle from impound.

Where is the Barrett's impoundment facility?
We currently have one impound lot.
Athens-Clarke County: 2570 Danielsville Rd., Athens, GA 30601

How much are impoundment fees?
ACCPD or UGAPD: Private Impound*:    
Tow - $115.69
Storage - $20.12 per day
After Hours Fee - $25.12
Tow - $150.00
Storage - $15.00 per day
After Hours Fee - $50
*Cash or Certified Funds Only
A $40 processing fee applies to all vehicles after they are in impound for over 72 hours.

How do I release my vehicle to be picked up by a towing company or my insurance company?
All Barrett's requires is a verbal release. You can give a verbal release by phone or in person. Our dispatch will simply ask for your name,phone number, and who will be retrieving the vehicle for our records.
May I retrieve personal belongings from my vehicle?
Yes! Our office personnel will require a copy of your photo ID and check ownership. As long as there are no vehicle holds by any police department, you can retrieve any items that are not attached to the vehicle.

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